IMG_0895LeAnna Fair is a former theatre teacher and actress who embraces the power of words. She is a wife and mother of two little blessings–plus one adorable dog.

In December 2017, LeAnna was in rehearsal for a school musical when her left leg and foot lost all feeling. Soon, function was diminished as well.

The discovery? Two severely herniated discs in her thoracic spine that resulted in major back surgery. With an 11-inch scar to brag about and a very long recovery process to endure, LeAnna has faced the end of what she called “normal”.

Through this difficult season of medical problems and job loss, LeAnna has held strong to the belief that God can take broken things and make them beautiful. She’s made it her goal to stay positive and look at the possibilities that lie before her.

Fairly Grounded is a record of LeAnna’s growth in faith as she maneuvers her way through a new “normal” and prepares herself for what God has planned next in her life. It is her hope that her struggles will be used to grow her faith as well as strengthen others.

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