Girl, Wash Your Face! By Rachel Hollis

28F57105-71E7-49FF-96A6-4A9DEA1F6474I cannot say enough about this book!

The amazing Rachel Hollis points out various lies she used to believe about herself and explains how she’s gone about erasing those lies from her life.

The book is so relateable, inspiring, and hard to put down. It honestly feels like you’re sitting across from her in a coffee shop having a conversation, and she’s not afraid to get real about some tough stuff.

A group of 100 or so ladies from my church joined a book club to explore this book. I was never able to go in person thanks to my back, but I followed along online and with live chats. The conversations and commradery built around this book were outstanding.  The ladies even got a shout out from Mrs. Hollis herself. How cool is that? (We’re the ladies in SC!)

I now follow her, and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book. She’s unapologetically honest (which I love), and this book feels much like a “how to” for becoming a better version of yourself!

Go get it!


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