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Just a little shout-out

Today’s post is a little different. It is shout-out to someone very special to me. You see the flower I use for my Fairly Grounded image? She took the photo. I use it because it reminds me of her and how our relationship continues to grow and bloom.

I was sixteen years old when she was born. Funny that 16 has always been my favorite number. I should’ve known it meant something special.

I remember holding her as a newborn. I remember her visiting me during my college days at Winthrop when she was just learning to walk. I remember coming home to visit and playing with her for hours on end. I remember us taking time to focus on God. I remember fun times in the pool and spend the night parties. I remember playing the Wii for hours on end. I remember jamming out in the car and playing our self-made “radio game”. I remember her getting older, but never too cool for her ole’ Aunt LeLe.

I remember teaching her to be Fabulous in dance class. I remember talking about real things. I remember beaming with pride as she gave her valedictorian speech. I remember the anxiety I felt as she headed to Clemson for the first time, as if she were my own “baby”. I remember praying for over and over and over.  (I just said a prayer for her this morning.) I Remember journaling together, supporting each other in our healthy life journeys, and non-stop texts.

I love this girl, and I love that our relationship grows constantly, and that we see and accept each other just as we are. Isn’t that what good relationships are supposed to be like? I know one day I will be calling her “doctor”. She is a dream chaser, and I have absolute faith in her abilities.

I hope that each and every person reading this gets to experience the growth of a relationship over time. Soon, I will have watched this sweet girl for 21 years. Oh, it went so fast. But it has been so wonderful. My niece. My godchild. My friend.

Love you, Hannah! And I couldn’t be prouder of the young woman you are…and the version of yourself you’re growing into.


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