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In the Storm’s Path

I remember Hurricane Hugo in 1989. It hit eleven days after my 8th birthday. It was very scary. My mom tells me I asked her over and over if we were going to die.

Now, with Florence heading our direction (just after my birthday again), I can’t help but think of those memories. The damage. The uprooted trees. The worry. I have a vivid memory of us opening the front door of our house after the storm subsided. Everything was in disarray. I’ll never forget. It looked someone had turned our yard upside down and shaken it before turning it right side up again.

Having children makes weather events like this even scarier. I have a whole new appreciation for my mom. She was so brave for me during Hugo, though I’m sure she was scared too. Now, twenty-nine years later, it is my turn to be brave and strong for my babies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my children. Not just in a big storm like this, but in all storms of life. I can do all the things I know to do to keep them safe, but the truth is God is the one who is guarding them.

He loves them more than I can even imagine. He has gifted them to me, but they are His. I will pray over them. I will teach them about God. I will lead them to the best of my abilities, but I must surrender their true care to Him.

In the eye of the storm
You remain in control
And in the middle of the war
You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor
When my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me 
In the eye of the storm

-from the song Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson

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