Remember by Lauren Daigle

Y’all, I’m tired. I keep searching for uplifting words to share, but I’m physically spent. With continuing to heal from back surgery (now without the brace), enduring kidney stones, suffering through a stomach bug and now fighting off a flu-like virus, I’m worn down. But, thankfully, I’m not worn out. And, thankfully, there are people… Continue reading Remember by Lauren Daigle

faithful living

Thank You, Lauren Daigle

I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to Lauren Daigle’s new song, “You Say”. It is my daily go-to. It speaks to me, as it does to many Christians. It serves as a reminder of how God sees us, especially when we struggle with our own self-perceptions. “You say I am loved...… Continue reading Thank You, Lauren Daigle

faithful living

Taking the first step

I have been a theatre teacher, in some capacity, for the past fifteen years. Today, I scrolled through posts by my former co-workers at the school where I resigned mid-year, last year, due to my back issues. I had been there for seven years. The photos show groups of teachers having fun on a back-to-school… Continue reading Taking the first step